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We're sure that it comes as no surprise that we are not the only Worldwide Marriage Encounter site on the World Wide Web.

Aside from the National Site, we have included links to other WWME weekends around the United States and websites around the world. If you're looking for information on Worldwide Marriage Encounter for other faith expressions, click here.

If you're wanting some answers to our most frequently asked questions, you can start by looking here. If you don't find the answer to your question, you can still get it answered by contacting us.

We have also included some basic information on Worldwide Marriage Encounter for Clergy: priests or religious. We could not survive without the love and support from our clergy. There is also a "FAQ" dedicated to answering questions relating to Worldwide Marriage Encounter and the Weekend for clergy.


Upcoming 2017 Weekends

Apr 21-23, Venice
May 5- 7 Tampa
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For general questions about World Wide Marriage Encounter of Tampa Bay contact Area Coordinators
Pat and Valerie Burns
For weekend application information call Pat & Debbie Powers 813-270-7832  Or contact them by email
For a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend outside the Tampa Bay area: Visit the WWME National Site

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